Välkky Sign - an intelligent traffic sign

Additional safety for pedestrian crossings

Half of pedestrian traffic accidents take place in dark or poor visibility conditions, and almost half take place at pedestrian crossings. The first in the world entirely illuminated intelligent traffic sign is the Finnish Valkky Sign. The Valkky sign illuminates the pedestrian crossing sign in a natural way, from inside the sign. The blinking pedestrian crossing sign draws a motorist's attention to people moving at the pedestrian crossing area.

What the Valkky Sign is

The Valkky Sign is a battery powered, illuminated membrane reflector sign for a pedestrian crossing. Operating with a twilight switch and sensors, the sign
illuminates when a user of a pedestrian and bicycle way is about to enter the pedestrian crossing area. In day time the sign works as a normal two-sided reflecting traffic sign of a pedestrian crossing.


To cities, municipalities, Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment

• A cost-effective way to improve the safety of pedestrian crossings
• Flexible and easy to install in existing and new places
• Service-free, only a change of battery needed once a year
• Durable and protected from vandalism

For pedestrians and bicyclists

• Makes it safer and easier to cross a pedestrian crossing


• Warns in a natural way about people at a pedestrian crossing
• Multiple visibility compared to a normal sign
• Enables fluent traffic, activates only when needed