Välkky is proven effective 

According to two Destia studies, Välkky reduces driving speeds by an average of 4 - 5% (source: Destia, Christel Kautiala). Lowering speed levels has been proven to reduce accident rates. A decrease of 5%, for example, lowers the rate of fatal accidents by 20% and the rate of accidents resulting in injury by 10% (source: Andersson&Nilsson 1997).

Safer crosswalks

A crosswalk is the place where pedestrians and cyclists should be confident in safely crossing the street. But, as everybody knows, this is not always the case. Using a crosswalk demands particular care and caution. Children are especially vulnerable; kids and their parents are forced to place too much trust in crosswalks.

Välkky is an active, intelligent traffic indicator that can be used to improve the safety of crosswalks. Välkky warns drivers when a pedestrian or cyclist is approaching a crosswalk, giving the driver adequate time to react.

Välkky is mounted to a crosswalk’s existing traffic signs, offering protection for pedestrians and cyclists traveling in both directions. When a pedestrian or cyclist comes into Välky’s target area, the device’s blue and white LED lights begin to flash. The lights attract the attention of approaching drivers and let them know that someone is coming into the crosswalk.

Välkky protects high-traffic areas

Välky is designed for use primarily in populated urban centers and locations with high accident risk, such as neighborhoods where there are schools, kindergartens, sports and recreation facilities, and nursing homes. The device can also be utilized to protect tunnels, bus stops and parking lots/buildings, and it is well suited for areas where lightly travelled routes intersect. 

How it works?

The intelligent device recognizes pedestrian movement and automatically sets off the flashing blue and white LED lights.


When a pedestrian steps into the motion detector’s range, Välkky sets off the other indicators within the same configurable radio network.