The new Cyclope® Sign
– an intelligent traffic sign

– coming soon –

How does Cyclope Sign work?
The blinking of Cyclope Sign is activated by a movement from a pedestrian/bicyclist when there is a low light.

The best place to install Cyclope Sign?
Cyclope Sign is an excellent solution in a pedestrian crossing area with a poor visibility, especially when it is dark.

What if there is a malfunction?
The operational logic of Cyclope Sign is based on both passive and active operation. If there would be a malfunction for some reason, the product still works as a normal, reflecting traffic sign.

Will Cyclope replace traffic lights, speed bumps, and other options?
Cyclope Sign can be used as an independent alert method, for example, when new traffic routes are being planned. It can also be used to supplement already existing solutions, like speed bumps.

What if the traffic sign pole moves and distorts the alignment of Cyclope Sign?
By law, street maintenance is responsible for maintaining the correct position of traffic signs.

Aren’t there already similar solutions? How does this one differ from them?
The product is a traffic sign illuminated from the inside, combined with motion detection, and it emphasizes the message of the traffic sign in a natural way. The product is quick and easy to install, and does not require mains current.