Where is Cyclope capsule most effective?
Cyclope capsule has multiple applications. The most obvious are pedestrian crosswalks, but it is equally effective at bus stops, pedestrian tunnels, light-traffic intersections, parking areas/buildings and other places where a more powerful warning would increase safety.

How is Cyclope capsule attached to the ground?
Cyclope capsule is designed to be installed into an existing traffic sign pole with a diameter of 60 mm, which seems to be the mostly used diameter of traffic sign poles in Europe. Cyclope capsule can be mounted also to a pole with some other diameter than 60 mm by using an adapter pipe.

Is Cyclope capsule CE-certified?

What is the time delay between when a pedestrian is detected by Cyclope capsule and the start of the blinking lights?
Cyclope capsule starts to blink immediately when the sensor detects pedestrian movement, so in practise there is no time delay. At the same time Cyclope capsule initiates the blinking of other devices within the same configured radio network.

What about vandalism?
Cyclope capsule is just like any sign in a public place, it can be the object of vandalism. But because it is built from impact-tolerant plastic, it is very difficult to take apart. In addition, Cyclope capsule has been designed so that it does not work if taken apart and its parts can not be used for anything else.

Does Cyclope capsule work in Nordic conditions?
Multiple field tests have been conducted, and Cyclope capsule has been proven to work in temperatures ranging from -30c to +60c. Further, Cyclope capsule is water resistant (IP 65) and its LEDs are visible even in extreme weather conditions.

Does Cyclope capsule decrease pedestrians’ level of caution?
The blinking is invisible to pedestrians. Only drivers see the LED lights.

What if the traffic sign moves and misaligns the LED lights?
Cities and municipalities are responsible by law to keep traffic signs in the correct position.

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