What is Cyclope Counter?
Cyclope Counter is a new way to easily and cost efficiently count pedestrian and bicycle traffic. The device is easy to install and works round the clock (24/7).

What is a suitable environment to use Cyclope Counter?
Cyclope Counter is suited for many places where there is a need to count people passing by. Examples of uses: Pedestrian and bicycle trails, skiing tracks, pedestrian crossings, pedestrian underpasses, outdoor routes, etc.

Does the product work in Nordic conditions?
Cyclope Counter is designed to work in Nordic conditions. The operating temperature is -30 – +50 C. In addition, the product is moisture and dust resistant in compliance with the IP 65 standard.

Aren’t there already similar solutions? How does this one differ from them?
Cyclope Counter is particularly suited for measuring pedestrian and cycle traffic around the clock. The product can be tailored for different needs, and it is easy to move from one place to another. It is also possible to carry out short-term measurements, because it is not necessary to purchase the device.

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